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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need


Can I bring something in to get done in the same day?

Of course! We offer same day/next day service to almost all alterations! A slight fee might apply to put you at the front of the line. Just be sure to ask our Front of House staff.

Is there anything you do not alter?

Very rarely do we come across something that can't be fixed or altered. Some things are difficult to put under our machines and cannot be worked on here. Unfortunately, we do not alter backpacks or hats; however, we can sew patches on these items. Bring in whatever items you have a question about and we can help you from there!

What if I am not satisfied with Marcello's Alterations?

We apologize for any dissatisfaction! Alterations are not always perfect on the first try! We encourage all customers try their items on at pickup. You have two weeks to bring it back from the day you picked up to bring it back for any adjustments!

Should I bring the shoes I'm wearing to my event?

We recommend that for any alteration service, you bring the right shoes and/or undergarments that you may wear for your event!

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